AP_I, Thou, It
AP_PA Reflection

(My interpretation of the I, Thou, It, triangle of learners and learning.)

I, Thou, and It: a three-way relationship in which I and Thou are the people (teacher and student) and It is the content that compels them both. Both seek knowledge: the teacher to learn where the starting point is for the student and to facilitate the student’s (path to) knowledge and the student to achieve that knowledge, thereby completing the triangle.
— http://www.hawkinscenters.org/i-thou-and-it. html#sthash.R8xKepc5.dpuf

I like to picture It as the entire space within the triangle, and Thou and I meeting there. Knowledge starts when the triangle pulsates from its center. My vision of the concept of Thou and I meeting at the It of commonality and interest, is akin to the chaotic nature of space as an expanding continuum. The I and Thou become connected molecularly, as they explore and incorporate It. The triangle bulges from its center, the three points are stretched until they lie along an ellipse or circle and continually encompass and are moved by It - and knowledge grows.

  All actual life is encounter.
— Martin Buber, (2011-05-17). I and Thou, Trans. Kaufmann (Kindle Locations 757-767).  Kindle Edition.

In his writing, Buber is talking about spirituality, “I and Thou,” but his analogies resonate with our triangle of learning. My quick, in-class definition of the teacher, is as the eye - within the I, Thou, It triangle.

I, thou, it definition .png