PFor (1+1=2 [the sum])PFun

"Let me tell you a little about myself. It’s a reflexive pronoun that means 'me.' "
(Ally Houston)

The Subjective Subjunctive
If I were she, would you be he?

Be me?
said he. I should. Certainly!

If you were certain, could you be free? 
Is that indicative of your mood?

Should you ask me as if you were she?
Would that be indicative of your temperament?
And if so, should you ask?

Ah, me…
said he. Be you she, should I be glad to have this mood?
Could I be free with thee?

said she. Indicate some subjectivity, and kiss me.

France Menk


Code switching

We are all linguists playing the meta game.

We toss our codes across the net with glee.
Some of us have a wicked serve.
Some of us lob ad infinitum.

Grandparents, parents, children,
classmates, colleagues, servants,
employers, employees,
business and social partners - 
whatever their status - 
must play our game.

Do you want to play?
Can you get the ball when I smash it toward the net?
How about that high lob?

You need to develop your cardio capacity.
You need to practice pylometrics.
And your stamina….! (smirk)

How shall I address you?
What register shall I use?
What’s my mood today?

Am I indicative?
Shall I be subjective?

Will you play with me?

France Menk